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O Sweet Gift of Christmas!

Infant sleeping in a manger

December 24, 2015

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,
Our God has come to be one with us! O Sweet Gift of Christmas!

Jesus comes, so little and poor, and shows us what love and life is all about. Let our hearts sing! Let us join the heavens and earth and all creation in a song of praise and joy!

This Sweet Gift of Christmas is always found in the little and poor places. Little and poor! Lord of our hearts, please help us to know this! Dearest Holy Mary, help us to see this! Holy Joseph, faithful and true, help us believe this! Help us to really see the gift of our poorness, our neediness, so we might rest in the simplicity and beauty of God's Love shining in that little stable. As we rest our hearts in this mystery of love given and received, Christ's peace will fill us!

I love that God has given us Christmas! I love that God has given us each other! I truly rejoice in these gifts, and in all the gifts of His Love that surround us.

I am so thankful for each of you. I am so thankful that we have each other. We help each other along the way, on our journey ever closer to God, ever closer to the heart of Love and Mercy. Thank you, my dear Franciscan brothers and sisters, for helping me and showing me so much of what love and life is all about. You are Beauty-full! I thank Jesus for each of you, and for the gift of fraternal love that binds us.

May God's way of loving speak to our hearts, and may the Light of Jesus - his life and love born within us and around us - show us the way to live and love.

May JOY and PEACE and LOVE overflow in your hearts this Christmas day!
Let Mercy reign! (And rain!) (Jubilee Joy!)

With love and prayers for you and for all your loved ones, and Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2015

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