“Ecumenism is not an option it is an order.  It comes not from theologians, but from ‘Theos’.”        --- Pope John Paul II


Secular Franciscan Ecumenical Guide

Unity in Christ and St. Francis


The Ecumenical/Interfaith Committee




Our Rule


Our General Constitutions


Our Ecumenical/Interfaith Mission



Prayer for Franciscan Unity


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity


Ecumenical/Interfaith Happenings


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  1. To initiate and further dialog within the existing structures of the SFO in the United States

  2. To initiate a process of reflection and education of the Secular Franciscan leadership and general membership in authentic Ecumenical/Interfaith involvement and appropriate collaboration. 

  3. To be a resource for education and programs for all levels of fraternal life, local, regional and national, who seek to initiate and develop Ecumenical/Interfaith sharing.

  4. To develop the Committee into a model of Ecumenical/Interfaith collaboration and support that includes non-Roman Catholic representatives, in consultation with and support of NAFRA.