“Ecumenism is not an option it is an order.  It comes not from theologians, but from ‘Theos’.”        --- Pope John Paul II


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Annual Report – 2004


The September 2003 Ecumenical Committee culminated in the formation of a Joint Committee on Franciscan Unity, making this new committee separate and independent of the Ecumenical Committee.


The first meeting of the Joint Committee on Franciscan Unity was held in February 2004 in Santa Barbara, CA.  Information on this meeting can be read in the Autumn issue of the ‘Tau – USA’, p. 11.


A number of presentation we given to local fraternities in the Cleveland area.


Promoted the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ by way of e-mails to our SFO and the distribution of prayer cards to local parishes.


Here are 5 ways to promote the ecumenical spirit in your parish and community:  A joint Thanksgiving Service, Flea Market, Pro-life chain, Babysitting, Revival/Mission.  If you want nearly 100 more, Contact Marcella Bina, and she’ll send you a list.  Just provide your name, address and phone number.